Game of Chance Podcast (2010-11, 20 episodes)

In these ten-minute episodes about baseball statistics, history, and culture, I cover a wide range of topics with a focus on those not typically covered by mainstream sports media, including psychology and whether advanced statistics are really as insightful as their proponents claim.

Check out a sample episode.

Z-Score Baseball Encyclopedia (2006-2008)

This site provides a new kind of look at baseball statistics, featuring z-scores for player-season stats to facilitate cross-era comparisons, analysis of historical trends, era-adjusted leaderboards, pennant race graphs, articles, and lots more.

Visit the site, which was selected by Eric Kottke for his Best Links of 2007.

Reisner Scorekeeping (2001-present)

A new method of baseball scorekeeping which differs significantly from the traditional method as well as the Project Scoresheet method, which had been the only well known significant departure from traditional scorekeeping in about 100 years. The system has been adopted by coaches, official scorekeepers, and enthusiastic little league parents, with hundreds of scorebooks and digital downloads sold.

Learn more at the official website and on Wikipedia.

Short Articles and Studies