Bicycling In the Streets

June 26, 2006 — New York

In addition to being fun, riding a bicycle is an alternative to the notoriously stress-filled environment of New York's public transit system. Buses and subways can be downright traumatic during rush hours, and I have found the bicycle to be at least as fast for all but the longest trips.

But this is not to say that bicycle travel is without its own kind of stress. Having dodged my share of taxis and wide-turning trucks, and after being nearly "doored" countless times, I began to wonder how much of the thrill (that's what you call it on good days) of riding in Manhattan has to do with actual risk and how much is the product of a fast paced and highly charged psychological environment. In other words, is it really as dangerous as it seems when it's happening?

To try to answer this question I attached a video camera to my handlebars. As with my litter experiment the results are inconclusive but it was a lot of fun to do. This video is a compilation of the most exciting moments.

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