I began typing BASIC code into a Commodore 64 when I was 10 years old. In my teens I built computers and worked in labs at Lucent Technologies during the summer, where I learned about UNIX and networking. I first saw the Internet in 1993, on a monochrome terminal screen. In 1994 I launched one of the first Led Zeppelin web sites on the Internet. I received a BA in Computer Science from Wesleyan University in 2002. Since 2001 I have worked as a freelance web site/application developer, currently using Ruby and (mostly) Rails.

Currently I am the creator and sole maintainer of the Geocoder gem for Ruby which has 32,542,079 downloads and 5,907 stars on Github. Ryan Bates dedicated a Railscast episode to it and it is the most popular geocoding project according to The Ruby Toolbox. For more information see the official site, the Railscast, and the source code on Github.

Below are my thoughts on Ruby, JavaScript, SQL, and the more general problems of computer programming.